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Re/opening a hotel, restaurant or vacation rental and needing the expertise of a hospitality digital marketing partner?
we'll get you out of the fry pan and out of the fire all together!



Are you opening or re-opening your hotel? We have decades of combined experience planning hotel openings in all continents. From easy-to-use planners to expert advice on functionality and design, we can help you get off the ground with this exciting project and put you on a proven path to consistent high occupancies.

Digital and traditional

Sales & Marketing Planning

Besides your online presence, you still need an offline, traditional sales & marketing plan. From tracking your sales team activities to scheduling team members and costs of promotional events, we will help you plan a whole year of proactive revenue generation. 

Digital Marketing

A business with no positive cash flow is a major liability. Every service and every department of your company is very important, however experts in the industry cannot stress enough that the top priority, now more than ever, is a strong, well-planned, year-round digital and social marketing strategy with an actionable weekly/monthly tactical plan. 

 Sustainable Hospitality Practices Design

Government of Canada requires that many businesses including hotels and restaurants migrate their disposable or single-use plastics (straws, take-away cups, etc.) to environmentally-friendly, biodegradable items by end of 2022.  Do you have a reliable and cost-effective source? Do you know how to save on energy by making soft adjustments to your operation? Sustainable tourism is the wave of the future, we will show you how to surf it. 

We can help you get your business up and running again!

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