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How long have you been giving away 40% of your booking revenue to a third party?

Months? or even years? and every time you research on having your own website, you find it difficult, daunting, or you think you need a significant budget plus programming skills to have your own online booking ability and keep all the money you collect from guests?


It is not as difficult as you may think, you don't need to understand programming, no complicated process to accept payments right into your bank account, no corporations to register, no expensive tools or equipment to buy. 

We use Wix vacation rental templates and features to build you, in a matter of days, remotely or at your vacation rental location, all of these:

A professional, beautiful, modern-looking website; desktop and mobile versions,

High-quality pictures of your location and its facilities,

Fully functional online payments into your bank account; keep all the booking fees!

A whole suite of marketing features such as Gift Cards and Virtual Loyalty Programs!

And an extremely responsive, prompt, exceptionally efficient technical and online marketing support from us,

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