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Welcome to HOSoft

Empowering industries with innovative digital solutions and exceptional ROI. Our global team ensures your business thrives with tailored, high-quality strategies.

About HOSoft

For over twenty years, we have been digitalizing various industries in Canada and internationally, focusing on high-quality services and maximizing ROI. Our experienced global team offers innovative and customized long-term solutions to help your business thrive in a competitive market.

Why Work with HOSoft?


Our team of experts has extensive experience in helping businesses in the hospitality and other industries achieve their revenue goals through digital marketing.


We stay up- to-date with the latest trends and technologies to ensure that our clients stay ahead of the curve.


We believe in using the latest market info to drive our decision-making.


Our approach is based on analyzing web traffic data to identify areas for improvement and developing strategies that deliver results in the long run.


We are constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the digital world.

Our team of experts is always looking for new and innovative ways to help our clients

achieve their goals.

Our Services

Hotels, Restaurants and Vacation Rentals
Sales & Marketing Optimization

Our expert hospitality marketing services ensure exceptional, long-term results through strategic planning and comprehensive support.

Restaurant Search & Rescue

With Restaurant Search and Rescue in Canada, we provide lifesaving services like business planning, financial aid, and marketing solutions to help your restaurant succeed.

Financing & Franchising for Hotels & Restaurants

Ready to franchise your restaurant? Our services offer funding and guidance for expansion, plus low-interest loans and grants for hotels and restaurants.

Hotel & Restaurant

At HOSofT, we provide comprehensive pre-opening solutions, from scheduling tasks to hiring the right team and creating a capital plan, ensuring your hotel or restaurant's successful launch.

Social Media & YouTube Marketing

At HOSofT, our Social Media & YouTube Marketing services build your online presence with custom campaigns and advanced strategies tailored to your business, ensuring a well-rounded and effective online presence.

Digital Marketing and


Transform Your Business with Digital Marketing & E-Commerce Solutions

Web Design

SEO & Google Ads

Boost Your Online Visibility with SEO & Google Ads Expertise


Digital Adoption Plans

Empowering Canadian Businesses Through Digital Innovation

Hospitality Search & Rescue

Revitalizing Hospitality: Your Partner in Recovery and Growth

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