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Hotels, Restaurants and Vacation Rentals
 Sales & Marketing Optimization

Our Hotels, Restaurants and Vacation Rentals Sales & Marketing Optimization services are designed to give your business exceptional and long-term results.


With decades of experience with many brands and independent properties, we have mastered the art of filling up hospitality businesses with digital marketing and strategic solutions.


Our team will work closely with you to design your annual sales, marketing, and revenue plans. We also offer cost budgeting, distribution channel planning, team training, and systems design and installation.


Trust us to deliver outstanding results and get your hotel very busy.

Financing & Franchising for Hotels & Restaurants

Is your restaurant operation ready to start franchising?


Our Financing & Franchising services can help you take your brand and menu to the next level. We'll work with you to secure the necessary funds and provide expert guidance on expanding your operation.


Is your future or existing hotel needing significant financing to get off the ground?


With our grants for digital advisory and low interest business loans for up to 5 years, and our network of large capital suppliers, your hotel or restaurant can get the support you need without breaking your bank.

Hotel & Restaurant Pre-Openings

At HOSofT, we understand the importance of a strong pre-opening phase for your hotel or restaurant business.

That's why we provide comprehensive solutions and planning tools to help you navigate this critical time. From timing and scheduling key tasks, to hiring the right team and creating a solid capital plan, we've got you covered.

Partner with us for a successful pre-opening phase.

Social Media & YouTube Marketing

Our Social Media & YouTube Marketing services are key to building your business’s online presence, and at HOSofT, we can help you navigate the social media landscape.


We understand that not all social media platforms are right for every business, which is why we take the time to understand your unique needs and create custom campaigns.


Our team designs advanced YouTube strategies tailor-made for businesses passionate about promoting their brand, and we drive traffic to you by developing and implementing a well-rounded online presence.

Restaurant Search & Rescue

With Restaurant Search and Rescue in Canada, you can rest assured that if we can find you, we can save you!


Our experienced team provides a series of lifesaving services, including business planning, financial aid, and marketing solutions. Popular tools include website design, SEO & SEM (Google Search), online ordering, and revenue optimization solutions, all tailored to help you reach your dreams and help your restaurant succeed.

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